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Pack contains
5 Roller Massager Wooden Acupressure Back Massager 5 Roller Back Pain Relief Massager (Size 5 inch x 4 inch) Massager (Brown)
Acupressure Roller D Massager/Hands massager/Body Massager for body pain relief/Wooden Roller Massager Massager (Brown)
2 Ball Massager (Cutter) Massager (Brown)
2 Wooden Karela Acupressure Tool Kit Massager (Multicolor)

• Care Instructions -Clean With Dry Cloth
• Useful in Back Pain releif. Energy roll with handle having acupressure points for body massage.
• Accupressure tools for blood circulation or complete relief from pain


It is based on acupressure/acupuncture therapy. It gives soft and smooth massage to the body. It is made of wood to give natural massage effect. The energy wooden hand roller has been designed on the basis of ancient acupressure and Ayurvedic principals. Perfect for acupressure massage, and stimulating blood circulation, thereby relaxing stiff muscles, joints and increasing energy levels. The roller can used over multiple body parts to provide relaxation and comfort–specifically for back pain, sciatica and shoulder pain. The wooden hand roller is also very effective on joints. This massager relax you in a great way and it improves blood circulation in the whole body. It is light weight and easy to carry. This handcrafted and handmade piece is a finely carved sculpture that has a practical use.


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