Varma Kattai


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  • It’s Made up of Wood
  • Commonly known as Madikattai
  • Package contents: 1 Varmakattai and 1 Wooden Box.
  • Made From Lemuria Manufacturing Unit
  • Courier Charges Apply

Used in Varma vaithiyam and can easily find the Varma pressure points

This varmakattai was used by many aasans in their older age, because after they loses strength they use this varamakkatai as an attacking weapon to their enemies

It can be used as a weapon for Varma kalai practicing students also those having poor physical strength

This is the most  Benefitable of all other weapons ever used. If this weapon is used with the correct knowledge of Varma Adi, it can easily attack by a simple touch on the enemies vital spot.

Varmakattai (Madikattai)


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